Water Floating Aerobics Unisex Dumbbell

  • PFitness Applications The Aquatic Exercise Dumbells are suitable for swimming pools, spas, fitness exercises, etc., suitable for adults, women,children and beginners. These foam dumbbells cannot be used as floating devices.
  • Multiple The Water Barbells Aquatic is not beneficial to the cardiovascular system, because of the natural resistance provided by water, the aerobic exercise in water is also a strength training program.
  • High-quality Material The EVA Foam Fitness Dumbbells is made of high-quality EVA foam, which is very lightweight and waterproof. They can provide floating support while enhancing the strength of the upper body. No fading, no degumming, safe and perfect exercise in water.
  • Good for Fitness Many health and fitness professionals recommend that water sports be suitable for those who can not exercise comfortably on land, because the buoyancy of water can reduce the pressure on joint bones and muscles.-Pool Exercise Equipment
  • Please Note Do not use as a flotation device. Suitable for over 14 years old.
  • size:28.5x9cm
    Package included:
2 pc Water dumbbell

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